Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent LifeCycle Exercise Bike

Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent LifeCycle Exercise Bike Life Fitness

Product Description

Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent LifeCycle Exercise Bike Life Fitness

The Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle® exercise bike is the home version of Life Fitness' popular health club model, an innovative bike that delivers superb performance and the most natural, efficient recumbent riding position. It merges high-quality ergonomics, biomechanics, and comfort with a variety of workout programs including HeartSync™ heart rate controlled workouts, Interval Training, Sport Training, customized workout programs and heart rate monitoring via Lifepulse™ contacts and an included Polar® wireless HRM chest strap. The recumbent seat with contoured, high back pad is the same as Life Fitness' health club model, and it features front and side-mounted handlebars.

This self-powered bike can be placed in any room, and it does not require cords or outlets. The bike also features an oversized, dual accessory tray and built-in reading rack. It includes 19 pre-programmed and seven personalized workouts, and the five HeartSync workouts adjust resistance to keep you at your target heart rate, ensuring a safe, effective workout.

If the advanced programs are the brains of Lifecycle exercise bikes, then the Poly V belt-drive and self-powered alternator systems are the brawn. The alternator system offer 20 smooth, quick-changing resistance levels, and it provides super-quiet riding enabling you to watch TV or listen to music easily. Underneath the sleek, impact resistant exterior is a robotically welded steel frame that is so well built, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Boredom is never an option with Life Fitness exercise bikes, with a wide variety of challenging workout programs built into the easy-to-use console. Save time by storing up to seven pre-programmed My Workouts™, and replay them at any time. You can even rename them for different days of the week. Based on your workout's specific time, resistance and heart rate level, a customized cool-down program helps to ensure your heart rate properly returns to a normal level at the end of a workout. You can also conveniently change programs without restarting or losing your current workout information. This treadmill comes with the following programs to choose from:

  • Manual: Gives you complete freedom to choose your own speed and resistance levels.
  • Hill: Challenges you with intervals of multiple hills and valleys with each hill becoming progressively more difficult.
  • Random: Includes many different motivating combinations of hills and valleys.
  • EZ Incline/Resistance: Slowly and progressively increases incline so you are less aware of the building demands.
  • Sport Training: Simulates outdoor training with a rigorous workout that features hundreds of different hills and valleys with a wide range of high and low levels of resistance.
  • Around the World: The terrain resembles various regions around the globe.
  • Cascades: A two-peak workout in which The intensity levels gradually increase and decrease.
  • Foothills: Features rolling hills at a low intensity level
  • Kilimanjaro: Intensity levels gradually increase toward one ultimate peak, and then gradually fall.
  • Speed Training: Intensity levels quickly alternate between high and low levels to stimulate a typical speed workout.
  • Interval Training: Intensity levels rise and fall. The higher levels gradually increase, peak, and then decrease.
It also includes the following HeartSync workouts:
  • Fat Burn: A great workout for beginners or for those days when you need a lighter workout. It automatically adjusts resistance to maintain your heart rate at 65 percent of your theoretical maximum.
  • Cardio: Maximizes caloric burn and boosts your energy level. It automatically adjusts resistance to maintain your heart rate at 80 percent of your theoretical maximum.
  • Heart Rate Hill™: An interval workout made up of three hills with each hill becoming progressively more difficult based on your heart rate goals. The first hill is 70 percent of your maximum heart rate (HRMax) and becomes progressively tougher (75 percent HRMax on the second and 80 percent HRMax on the third). The valley is always defined as 65 percent HRMax. It's similar to training for sports activities such as hockey, basketball, and soccer.
  • Heart Rate Interval™: Climb a series of alternating hills (80 percent HRMax) and valleys (65 percent HRMax). The number of times you climb each hill depends on your fitness level. It's similar to training for endurance activities such as triathlons and running.
  • Extreme Heart Rate™: Quickly raises and lowers resistance to get your heart rate up to 85 percent HRMax and down to 65 percent HRMax as quickly as possible. It's similar to training for sports activities such as tennis, racquetball, football, and sprinting.


  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Resistance system: Self-contained alternator
  • Seat adjustments: 34 positions
  • Frame: 2" x 4" robotically-welded steel frame
  • Pedals: Wide Ride self-leveling pedals with straps
  • Electronic readouts: Level, Time, Speed (mph/kmh), Distance, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Calories, Watts, METs
  • Display type: Red LEDs
  • Workout profile display: 7 x 15 segments
  • Workout feedback display: 16-character message center
  • Dimensions: 54 x 26 x 51 inches (LxWxH)
  • Unit weight: 134 pounds
  • Maximum user weight: 400 pounds

Manufacturer's Warranty
Frame - lifetime, parts - three years, labor - one year. The warranty is valid only within the United States.

About the Warranty
This Life Fitness product is intended for home use only. Your warranty will be void if this product is used in a commercial setting.

About Life Fitness
What started as one man's pursuit to improve his own physical condition, eventually turned into a global fitness revolution. That man was Keene P. Dimick, the mastermind behind the legendary Lifecycle exercise bike. The story of Life Fitness began when two young entrepreneurs, Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto, saw the promise of Dr. Dimick’s invention. Even though it was slightly ahead of its time, they believed the Lifecycle exercise bike could help generations of athletes, trainers, exercisers, and people everywhere live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Wilson and Nieto bought the rights to the Lifecycle bike from Dr. Dimick, perfected it, and sold it out of a motor home to health clubs across America. Despite the overwhelming odds and initial unpopularity of the Lifecycle exercise bike, the two passion-filled pioneers turned a two-man operation and a seemingly impossible vision into a prosperous reality. Along the way, they shaped the future of Life Fitness as well as the fitness industry, bringing cardiovascular training into the mainstream and helping ignite the health club boom.

Today, Life Fitness is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of reliable, high quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. It is the number one brand of fitness equipment in health clubs worldwide.

Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent LifeCycle Exercise Bike

Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent LifeCycle Exercise Bike Life Fitness    Life Fitness Club Series Recumbent LifeCycle Exercise Bike Life Fitness

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Top Features

  • Club-style, self-powered exercise bike for in-home workouts with natural, efficient recumbent riding position
  • 19 pre-programmed and seven personalized workouts, and the five HeartSync workouts
  • Recumbent seat with contoured, high back pad; front and side-mounted handlebars
  • Lifepulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system on side handlebars and included Polar wireless chest strap
  • 400-pound maximum user weight; lifetime warranty on frame

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Buying Tips

Learn in advance to get an idea of what's in store whilst you pick up the sort of work out equipment.
There are two primary types of exercise bikes being used lately. These are the upright and the recumbent types of exercise bikes.

Upright Exercise Bikes

This kind is attractive and probably the most very similar to traditional outdoor bicycling. It has the same place and physique movements, and requires you to turn on muscle groups in your fingers and shoulders much like you could possibly when cycling outside. Given the upright position it's important to maintain all through the exercise, your belly muscle tissue get labored as neatly, that is a muscle group frequently left out in bikes such as the recumbent. The remaining merit is the size of the system itself, recognized in the exercise world as the gadget's footprint. Since it's footprint is somewhat small, it lets in extra space in the room to place different exercise equipment. That being mentioned, no bike is ideal, not even the stationary ones.
The disadvantages that come with an upright bike are more quality of life, but have an effect whilst paired with a dedicated health regimen. If your form is correct then your again can be hunched which is able to create muscle ache and fatigue. Another drawback is that it's better fitted to people who find themselves already athletic. Given the demanding nature of the training, it's paired best possible with somebody who works out steadily however needs to use the bike for at home fitness.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

A recumbent bike is the second one form of exercise bike. With a simple amendment in seating, among the negative aspects of the upright bike are alleviated, at the same time as buying and selling out a more extreme exercise. In a recumbent bike the rider's body sits simply into the frame, with most sporting greater seats and armrests. The reclined physique position and pedal placement allow for a less engaging however at ease exercise. The seating and measurement forestall any saddle issues and the reclined place makes for an more uncomplicated train on the neck and back. The final benefit is that a recumbent bike can be utilized through folks in all walks of lifestyles. From physical treatment and restoration, to an stress-free experience in home health, the recumbent suits the wishes of with regards to anybody. Once more, no bike is ideal and the recumbent mirrors a large number of the advantages of the upright with it's downfalls.
The relaxation of the recumbent make for a less extreme exercise, and put the workload onto your decrease body. You'll be able to do an entire exercise without ever engaging the upper body which makes for much less fitness to your time. The query of which is the most efficient house fitness bike will remain determined via the buyer. Now that you realize the adaptation, we'll talk about what you should search for in bikes when ordering one.

Features And Comfort

Whilst deciding on an exercise bike, the most important thing to believe is your fitness targets. The top exercise bikes will all the time be what suits your objectives, attempt, and wallet the most efficient. With that during thoughts, there are a few basic elements which might be wanted in any bike. You want it to at all times come with things like resistance settings, so your bike can regularly get harder as you get more potent. You wish to have a computer on it that tells you basic stats for distance, velocity and energy burned.
Comfort should be on the top of the priority listing, especially in the event you'll be biking frequently. Your pedals preferably at all times have straps for protection, and the handlebars should be screwed tight to the machine. Due to the fact that balance is such an important part of all exercise, all the time test the load and dimension prohibit to be sure to're no longer going to injure yourself. Optional equipment come with things like a heart rate monitor, folding for extra room control, and integrated fans for cooling. Maintain these in mind and you must have the ability to pick your self up a pleasing bike fitted to your targets, with out breaking the budget!

Benefits For Using An Exercise Bike

There are advantages to the use of any type of fitness bike, which is definitely one of the reason it's turn out to be this kind of common instrument. The reduced impact nature is straightforward to take on, whether you're a professional biker in training or simply seeking to maintain yourself fit. The bikes are used mainly indoors which means you'll be able to train whether or not it's rain or shine, and the wide range of makes use of make the bike an excessively flexible health possibility for any one desiring to live a more fit lifestyle.


In conclusion, there's a bike available in the market for everyone. Whether you favor the upright, or the comfortable recumbent, exercise bikes are useful for anybody and are a super addition to any fitness regimin.